Identity and Access Management

Know and Protect Your Users to Protect Your Business

Users and their identities are among the most vulnerable links to your critical assets. These same users are now accessing your data across locations, devices and repositories. The modern reality of access anywhere makes securing user identity essential for a strong security posture.

Establishing strong identity and access management (IAM) strategies allows you to ensure that only the right people are getting access to the right resources at the right time. The cornerstone of a strong IAM security program includes adaptive multi-factor authentication and single sign-on capabilities. From that foundation, your organization is well-positioned to move toward a more mature, zero-trust approach to IAM that includes privileged access management (PAM), role-based access modeling, and user and entity behavioral
analytics (UEBA).

Sirius Security offers professional services and world-class solutions to help you build a robust identity management strategy to authenticate users and control access. For employees, contractors and partners, that translates into an easy registration and log-in process as they access your applications and data. For customers, that means a better, frictionless experience.

Sirius Security professional services for identity and access management help you:

  • Discover
  • Assess
  • Consult/Design
  • Architect/Implement
  • Optimize/Manage


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Featured partner

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Sirius Security works with Okta to help you unify your apps into one streamlined portal for your end-users, providing them with seamless remote access from any device and offering online customers secure, frictionless registration and login. Sirius Security can help you leverage Okta workforce identity and customer identity solutions to provide a smooth, secure digital experience across your user base.

Sirius Security partners with Okta to help you secure every identity, delivering:

  • Fewer help desk calls and better user satisfaction
  • Centralized access at scale for hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Faster partner integrations, policy design, and enforcement
  • Flexible user management of access and profiles
  • Secure, seamless user experiences
  • Lower costs for managing third-party access
  • Reduced TCO and maintenance costs