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Proactive Cybersecurity
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Now more than ever, your data, users and organization are at risk. The exponential growth of data, attacks from every direction, and a deluge of connected devices make building an effective cybersecurity program challenging.

What's needed is a comprehensive approach to security and risk management.

Sirius Security delivers an end-to-end portfolio of services and solutions, backed by decades of expertise. Our unified approach encompasses every area where risk comes into play to help you advance your security program, optimize IT risk management, improve compliance, and strengthen protections for critical assets.

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How Sirius Security
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Sirius Security is a dedicated practice
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Endpoint Security

Digital enterprises have a shifting tide of endpoints accessing their critical assets. Managing, controlling and securing remote access, IoT and cloud endpoints is essential.

and Access Management (IAM)

Users and their identities are vulnerable links in a network. Safeguarding and validating them needs to be part of your overall security strategy.

Integrating Security Solutions

Complexity has crept into the security stack. Consolidating security solutions can simplify processes and reduce costs with a security platform approach.

Network Discovery
and Control

Remote access supports digital innovation. But the deluge of devices is also expanding the network attack surface beyond what security teams can see and control.


Data is core to continued day-to-day operations and long-term success. How do you keep it accessible and usable while protecting it from ransomware attacks?

Secure Access Service
Edge (SASE)

SASE solutions take security to the service edge, following remote users and devices. This emerging technology can help clear your path to a zero-trust architecture.

Solving Skill Gaps/Resource Shortages

Data breaches and ransomware attacks are worsening. Even with security tools in place to counter these attacks, many IT teams don’t have enough team resources or the right security skills to react as needed.

for Security

Modern IT environments blend and blur the lines between on-prem and cloud. Applications, users and data move easily between these environments. But when it comes to security, bridging the two can come with challenges.

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