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Securing Cloud App and User Connections Everywhere

Moving to the cloud drives your competitive advantage in productivity, agility and cost containment. But ensuring that your organization gets the most from cloud access means making sure that every internet connection used by your organization is both fast and secure. Your applications, infrastructure and users are no longer bound by a physical perimeter. That makes taking care of the security side of the user access equation a challenge.

Sirius Security puts the right security solutions in place for you, helping you take an integrated and comprehensive approach to cloud security that can move you toward a zero-trust architecture. That can include deploying secure access service edge (SASE) technology that simplifies wide-area networking and security by delivering both as a cloud service directly to the source of connection rather than the enterprise data center.

Sirius Security can help you simplify your security toolset and reduce your costs by eliminating unneeded solutions and offering solutions that use a cloud-first architecture. That means you can secure your move to the cloud, and ensure secure cloud access for your workforce, customers and apps. You’ll also improve your overall security posture and remove another security burden from your
IT team.

Sirius Security professional services for SASE and zero trust help you:

  • Discover
  • Assess
  • Consult/Design
  • Architect/Implement
  • Optimize/Manage


A Crucial Truth About SASE and Zero
Trust You Need to Know

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SASE Brings Security
to the Edge


SASE Converges Cloud, Network
and Security


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Empower Zero Trust in the Cloud with Sirius
Security and Zscaler

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Advance Zero-Trust Maturity to Accelerate
Secure Digital Transformation

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App and Data Security That Follows
Users Everywhere

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Enterprises destined for the cloud or already there need to embrace a more secure way to connect users to applications and data. Sirius Security partners with Zscaler to help you take advantage of cloud efficiency, intelligence and agility—driving and securing that transformation with a portfolio built on a cloud-first architecture. Zscaler adds a new level of maturity to your zero-trust security posture with modern technologies, including one of the leading secure access service edge
(SASE) solutions.

Sirius Security partners with Zscaler to help our clients secure their digital transformation by delivering:

  • Secure access for public and private applications
  • Reduced cost and complexity
  • Cloud-like experiences for employees, contractors
    and customers
  • Streamlined troubleshooting and improved user productivity
  • SASE built for performance and scalability
  • Full inspection of encrypted traffic at scale