Welcome to this HealthIMPACT panel discussion series. This series is designed for Healthcare IT Leaders transitioning from a period of rapid pandemic response to a sustainable recovery in a world forever changed. As the entire system faces unprecedented challenges, the value of digital health has never been more evident yet at the same time, resources have never been more scarce. The proliferation of telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, rapid touchless diagnostics, and cloud-based platforms to enable collaboration, coordination, and care from a distance has been remarkable. Now health systems faced with months of unrecoverable revenue must look to their technology to both support care and containment of COVID as well as assist with revenue generation.

Sirius Healthcare teamed up with HealthIMPACT, leveraging their network of leading CxO’s to bring you this series of panel discussions, covering trending healthcare technology issues. From risk recalibration, to cutting costs and scaling services while improving quality of care, listen into these on-demand talks now for insights from top experts.

Risk Recalibrated - Securing Your Enterprise in a Post-COVID World

A rapidly growing remote workforce coupled with an ongoing pandemic has created new opportunities for cybercriminals to attack your healthcare data. Listen in as your peers address how to approach security in a post-COVID world, discussing everything from incident response plans to security governance.



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The role of the CIO in digital transformation is changing with current and future challenges because of the pandemic. While the CIO’s role as the leader of business IT strategy development and implementation remains unchanged, the pace at which they must adapt and respond to digital transformation has increased. In this panel discussion, healthcare IT leaders discuss this changing role as well as emerging tools and strategies around digital healthcare growth.



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How is healthcare IT balancing the scale-up in capacity of telehealth and remote systems with the spike in associated costs? In this episode of the series, we discuss everything from replacing office telephones with softphones, to the cost of moving workloads to the cloud, to savings in on-prem equipment as applications become more web-based, and even the invaluable worth of how new practices are contributing to better patient outcomes.



Data is generated at every point in the patient’s healthcare journey. How this data is protected, shared, governed, and used is paramount both to patient and business outcomes. As data continues to drive business and services, healthcare systems must employ the talent and skill sets necessary to make the most of this data and ensure its security. Additionally, decision makers must implement a strategy and business culture with a data focus to be effective. Check out this discussion.



The upgrade to Intersystems’ next-generation EHR data platform, IRIS, is imminent. In this session, we discuss what healthcare IT systems need to consider when upgrading—including platform selection, cost of a hardware refresh, and operational support. We also discuss additional benefits, such as having a predictable refresh cycle, forecasting operational cost, and leveraging cloud-based IaaS for disaster recovery in a more efficient manner, for a highly trusted and consistent end-user experience.



The rapid adoption and expansion of digital healthcare technologies continues to grow. How does this impact what the patient room will look like next? Listen in to this thought-provoking panel discussion for insights on evolving patient treatment trends; how IT can impact patient care, caregiver efficiencies and satisfaction; and what to consider for future planning

As the healthcare industry continues to embrace consumer-first business models in this evolving healthcare landscape, security risks unfortunately also continue to evolve and pose threat. The problem that arises here is finding a balance between adopting transformation and modernization while maintaining the highest security and, at the same time, lowering costs. Join us for this Health IMPACT panel discussion to gain insight into how to balance transformation, growth, and security risk.

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