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The Sirius Healthcare practice includes former C-level executives from healthcare organizations around the country, along with dedicated technical and sales teams. From strategy through execution, Sirius takes a methodical approach in partnering with our clients to ensure that application and technology interdependencies are understood, and that necessary operational and governance changes are taken into account to make these complex solutions as effective and future-proof as possible.


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Healthcare IT Focuses & Solutions
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Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems & Ancillary Capabilities

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Leveraging EHR to Evolve Patient Care

Whichever EHR your organization is using, the advantages and requirements are similar—and the challenges can be daunting. The evolution of the industry, the threats we face, how we use data and even the programs themselves are putting unprecedented burdens on IT departments, business units and practitioners. Success requires understanding the four trends that are driving EHR evolution—mergers and acquisitions, program updates, security, and data analytics—and creating a more natural user experience for caregivers, clinicians, administrators and other users throughout the organization.




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Securing Your Healthcare Data Environment

Across caregivers, administrators, patients and visitors. Across 1,000 applications and proliferating devices. The attack surface in today’s healthcare organization is sprawling and growing more vulnerable every day.

Connect with Sirius Healthcare to explore ways you can achieve end-to-end security from the enterprise to the cloud.

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Download Security Survey

The State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare in 2019

Explore key insights from a survey of 143 healthcare IT leaders. Download the infographic


have adopted a vulnerability scanning process to prioritize risks


use a next-gen anti-virus or endpoint detection and response solution


have fully integrated cybersecurity with their clouds

* Sources noted in infographic

In a highly regulated environment like healthcare, a lot of people in IT focus on meeting compliance requirements. But if you focus instead on managing the risk, the compliance will take care of itself.”

—Ed Ricks, Director, Sirius Healthcare



The Digital Healthcare Organization


User Experience Fabric

With the recent healthcare landscape, the digital healthcare environment has taken swift priority. Its value is now fully recognized in keeping organizations ahead of the competitive curve by meeting healthcare’s consumers needs and expectations in today’s digital world with the help of the CIO, CDO and a user experience fabric. 



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Healthcare Interoperability Using Blockchain Technology

With the industry’s increased focus on quality and continuity of care, seamless access to patient records across providers is a significant opportunity space for technologies. Blockchain can revolutionize how protected health information (PHI) is shared, simplifying, enhancing and securing collaboration between partner providers and patients, while also dramatically reducing the creation, processing, transmission and storage of paper documents.

Read the Sirius white paper on healthcare interoperability using blockchain, or check out the case study to find out how the University of Chicago Medicine implemented the solution for patient consent management.



Data Analytics & Insights

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3 Steps to Maturing Your Healthcare Data & Analytics Capabilities

Enormous quantities of data are being generated throughout healthcare organizations every day, including clinical and research data, individual patient data, staff utilization data, and operational/business data. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all, not to mention failing to capitalize on its value. Sirius Data & Analytics experts work with clients to understand best practices for capturing and analyzing data, and how to achieve the desired outcomes. Because having the right technology is important, but having the right people and processes in place is critical to a successful data and analytics strategy.

Data and Analytics for Healthcare: 3 Essential Steps to Success from Sirius Edge

Additional Resources 

Data Governance Workshop



Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT / IoMT / IoT)

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The 4 Stages of Developing a Successful IoT Solution

The application of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is transforming the way healthcare organizations gather data about patients’ health and habits, track the movement of staff and equipment, and even monitor everything from vital statistics to hand-washing. A successful IoT strategy allows health systems to leverage data in ways that have been impossible until now, ensuring better outcomes throughout the organization and the community.

For more insight, download the case study on how one healthcare system was able to leverage the Sirius IoT workshop to optimize their IoT.


Protecting Your Business with Thermal Imaging

How do you find an efficient and discreet way to ensure a safe work environment? Many are including thermal imaging solutions in their safe workplace initiatives.



Reopening Safely: Thermal Imaging and Your IoT Strategy

Thermal imaging is becoming the springboard for IoT initiatives and ensuring a safe environment for staff and patients. Checkout this CHIME webinar to learn how to choose the right ecosystem for your Thermal Imaging and IoT initiatives.



Featured Podcast

Patient Room Next

Digital initiatives in healthcare are being accomplished at a staggering pace. What is the patient room going to look like next? What is the future of hospitals? In this episode, Sirius healthcare experts talk about the why, the what and most importantly the how. We are never going back. Digital has changed things for good.


Solution Showcase - Pure Storage and Sectra PACS Partnership

Today we have access to a beautiful partnership. Pure Storage, a leading storage provider and Sectra, a best-in-class PACS solution. We talk about platforms, software defined and non-disruptive updates. Mark Dobbs and Tom Pacenta share insights on their successful collaboration, from joint company cultures of aggressively listening, to focusing on customer obsessions to future proofing products. Learn about ROI models that make sense and platforms you don’t have to continue to upgrade. Learn more about the single solution model that really works.



Client Perspectives

We sat down with your peers from throughout the industry to find out what innovation means to them, and how they’re partnering with Sirius Healthcare to improve quality of care, reduce administrative overhead, and manage risk to ensure compliance.

If you’re interested in being featured in your own Client Perspective video, speak with your Sirius Healthcare representative.

Stephanie Lahr, CIO & CMIO
Regional Health
Rapid City, SD

Regional Health is a community-based healthcare system that supports 4,500 physicians and caregivers across a network of five hospitals, eight specialty and surgical centers, and more than 40 clinics and healthcare service centers. CIO & CMIO Stephanie Lahr talks about how innovation is allowing Regional Health to solve challenges creatively and achieve efficiencies that improve quality of care.

Valerie Leschber, CMIO
Cone Health
Greensboro, NC

Cone Health comprises a network of four hospitals in Greensboro, as well as medical centers and physician practices in surrounding counties. CMIO Valerie Leschber explains how innovation means looking at ways to use technology to achieve a higher level of value for the end-user, thus “becoming the brand” that patients want to turn to for their healthcare needs.

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We've got healthcare covered.


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