Why adopt a Storage as a Service model?

Don’t you wish you could only pay for the storage you use? You’re not alone. Many organizations are looking to make the switch to a storage as a consumption model with the flexibility to add capacity to their storage infrastructure only when they need it. Business growth depends on performance, scalability, and agility, while fast-growing applications demand greater storage space, and STaaS provides that.

Why Sirius Managed Storage as a Service?

Whether you want to store data on- or off-prem, STaaS is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The highly certified storage and cloud consultants at Sirius can solve for your unique needs and implement a storage solution that is specifically tailored to your organization.

Our storage architects and engineers provide theoretical and practical guidance from planning to implementation to management of your data ecosystem. Sirius’ technical resources understand the capabilities of each storage manufacturer, ensuring that we meet your performance and capacity requirements with the proper solution for your budget.

Sirius Managed Storage as a Service gives organizations confidence in their storage to scale and perform as needed while optimizing cost.
Pay only for the capacity you use
Scale up and out as needed
Handle unprecedented growth of data in the cloud
Simplify the management of data and apps
Key Features
Below are a few features that illustrate why businesses are choosing Sirius Managed STaaS
Fully Managed
High Performance

Explore how you can improve business performance, scalability and agility

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Procuring storage in three- or five-year buying cycles forces you to purchase excess capacity. Want to learn how you can pay only for what you use? Watch the video for more information.


The flexible Sirius STaaS model allows you to scale up and down as needed, and you only pay for what you use, not a cent more.

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Struggling to effectively manage your business-critical data? Sirius Managed Services can help.

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STaaS adoption is expanding at an increasingly rapid rate.

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