Remove the burden of managing storage

Are you tired of CapEx or leasing for your storage? We have a solution. Evergreen//One from Pure Storage delivered by Sirius Managed Services is a pay-as-you-grow subscription-based service that delivers a cloud-like experience on-premises and in the cloud.

Align storage costs to business needs

Together, Sirius Managed Services and Evergreen//One will provide you with the ability to accelerate time to value by removing the IT burdens of managing storage infrastructures and going through the lengthy procurement cycle – allowing you to align storage costs to business needs.

Achieve cloud economics by only paying for what you use with a subscription model for storage on-premises and in the Cloud.
Receive effortless, efficient, and Evergreen™ storage on demand
Gain secure, high-performance storage with Sirius and Pure 1 AI-powered monitoring and management
Have peace of mind knowing you will receive better-than-public-cloud performance and economics with a fully managed service
Reap the benefits of Evergreen//One support for block storage, file storage, and object storage you can deploy on-premises, in a colocation facility, and in the public cloud
Evergreen//One transforms your enterprise storage into a highly efficient storage utility.
Fully Managed
Cost Efficient
Proven Platform

Access assets to help you navigate the data revolution with well-architected storage solutions


Un-complicate your data storage needs. Learn how to only pay for what you use, and not a cent more.

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What level of managed services STaaS support does your business need? Read our Sirius Managed Services for Evergreen//One overview to learn how our Core and Complete offerings can help address your storage needs.

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Learn how together Sirius and Pure Storage help clients tackle the most demanding IT challenges and provide storage solutions for a modern data experience in our Pure Storage partner overview.

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Sirius provides storage solutions that increase reliability, availability, and efficiency across storage environments of all sizes. Learn how to manage the increased volume, variety, and velocity of storage with Sirius Storage Solutions.

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Fuel your digital transformation efforts with STaaS powered by Sirius and Pure Storage

Keep your team focused on running your day-to-day operations, and let Sirius guide your technology evaluation, testing, and selection to bring you the right storage solution tailored to your enterprise.

Be more agile

Enable your organization to be more agile and save on storage capacity spend by utilizing Sirius Managed Services for Evergreen//One.

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Why Sirius & Pure Storage?


Sirius certified engineers with Pure Storage sales and technical certifications


Dedicated Managed Services technical staff


Certifications across infrastructure, cloud applications and security technologies at Sirius


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