Sirius & VMware NSX

Your Clouds, Closer Together

Your clouds shouldn’t be strangers. With Sirius and VMware, they can finally operate in unison.
VMware NSX Data Center is the network virtualization and security platform that enables organizations to unleash their full capabilities without compromising one critical aspect of their IT environment for another.

A key integrating factor with NSX is extending security and networking policies virtually, across varying environments and application settings, allowing continuity across mixed platforms and increasing security and efficiency capabilities.

Next Generation Data Center Network Assessment

How Does It Work?

Our Next Generation Data Center Network Assessment is a week-long engagement that collects data from your network traffic in order to produce a comprehensive summary report that includes actionable recommendations for optimal security and micro-segmentation.

  • East-West (Server-to-Server) Traffic
    This Virtual Network Assessment (VNA) will deliver insights into the percentage of data center traffic not protected by your perimeter firewall.
  • Micro-Segmentation
    The VNA will also provide a preview of best practices to micro-segment your network and recommended firewall rules to get you started.

  • Identify Your Security Gaps
  • Understand Your Data Center Traffic Profile
  • Optimize Your Network Traffic

Control and Secure All Your Clouds From a Single Pane of Glass

Running workloads on multiple platforms and having silo issues? Enter VMware NSX. A network virtualization and security stack solution
that connects and protects applications across the data center, multi-cloud, bare-metal and container infrastructure.

Watch these videos to see how Sirius and NSX can solve your many pain points and IT challenges.


What are you waiting on? With help from Sirius and the virtual VMware NSX network, you can get the networking and security consistency
you need, with the ability to adapt to future demands.