How do you keep the lights on when everybody else’s go off?

Viability of Alternate IT and Business Sites Within the Same Electrical Grid: A Blackout Hazard Mitigation Primer

Every IT manager understands the need for a reliable power supply to ensure business continuity, but few know which strategies will help minimize the effect of an electrical grid disruption and guarantee that their operations won’t be crippled by an ongoing outage.

In this informative white paper, Jim LaRue, principal consultant with Sirius’ Incident Preparedness DR/BC practice, looks at the causes and effects of the 2003 Northeastern and Midwest blackout, and outlines strategies for minimizing or altogether avoiding business disruptions due to regional outages.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Strategies for protecting your operations from regional disruptions
  • Why you don't have to go across the content—or even outside your interconnection—to avoid outages
  • Why you want your personnel as close as possible to your backup data center in order to provide continuous support
  • Why an area-wide assessment should be your first step toward mitigating risk