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Sirius-Circinus LinuxONE Security Solution

Identify and analyze any threat, anywhere in the world

Sirius partners with Circinus LLC, one of the leading providers of operational intelligence and force protection training and support, to provide a platform that offers unparalleled analytics of potential threats from around the world. Built on IBM LinuxONE servers and IBM Analytics and Collaboration software, no other open-source intelligence (OSINT) solution is more powerful, scalable, or secure.

Sirius-Circinus LinuxONE Security Solution

Sirius-Circinus LinuxONE Security Solution built on IBM Analytics provides organizations with a decision-support architecture that enables the use of publicly available information to produce open-source intelligence (OSINT). The solution leverages structured and unstructured data and a comprehensive data ingestion and management architecture to streamline the analysis of threats, and establish connections in new and meaningful ways.

The solution utilizes leading-edge IBM technology solutions along with expert advisory and implementation services to bring tools, processes and personnel together to help our clients mitigate risk with visibility, analysis and action. Those solutions include:

  • IBM Security: IBM Guardium is being used to protect data in both the storage and mainframe environments. Because the solution is dealing with so much data that could be subject to GDPR compliance, as well as data that has sensitivities to the client, Circinus chose Guardium as the last layer of protection inside an already very secure network infrastructure environment.
  • IBM Analytics: Circinus structured IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis, IBM Watson Explorer, IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Data Science Platform to meet very specific client analytics requirements including the ability to manage data in motion and data at rest.
  • IBM Connections: Circinus used IBM Connections to deliver a complete collaboration environment for the client that supports user collaboration, data sharing, knowledge management and publishing requirements. The features of IBM Connections made it a natural fit for the user interface, as its customizability and stability out of the box met most of the requirements for user collaboration. The solution also integrates IBM Sametime Connect and an in-environment language translation capability.

Secure IBM LinuxONE servers that encrypt 100 percent of application, cloud service and database data set the foundation for this offering. Intelligence analysis, cognitive exploration and content analysis, data science, and collaboration platforms are integrated to provide powerful information sharing, intelligence production and text analytics capabilities, and scale predictive models.

The solution enables organizations to arm themselves with the tactical, operational and strategic insights they need to connect facts and develop a cohesive picture of how they are being targeted and by whom. By understanding the strengths, dispositions and intentions of their opponents, they can shift from reactively defending against attacks to proactively preventing them.

IBM technologies implemented by Sirius include:

  • IBM Cognos Analytics
  • IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis
  • IBM Connections
  • IBM Sametime
  • Watson Explorer

Additional IBM offerings in the solution include:

  • IBM Cloud Object Storage System
  • IBM FlashSystem V9000
  • IBM Implementation Services for System z
  • IBM Software Support Services
  • IBM Solution Support Services


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Since 2005, the Circinus team has been providing intelligence services in support of the missions of federal, civilian, and military organizations worldwide. And Sirius is the world’s top integrator of solutions built around the IBM Z (mainframe) platform, including the powerful, Linux-only LinuxONE server line, as well as IBM Software and IBM Storage.

Together, Sirius and Circinus have partnered to create a platform for threat identification and evaluation that is virtually unparalleled in the world. Contact us today to learn how Sirius and Circinus can partner with you to confront today’s most demanding security threats.