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Your applications are an essential part of how you deliver extraordinary digital experiences for your customers and users. Sirius and F5 Networks deliver solutions and expertise that enable you to achieve that goal by helping you deploy, secure and manage those applications.

Why Sirius for F5

  • Platinum-level partner in the F5 Unity Partner Program
  • F5 Guardian Professional Services partner
  • Member of the F5 Partner Advisory Board
  • Numerous F5 certifications, including F5 Certified Technologist Specialists
  • Comprehensive Managed Services for F5, including F5’s BIG-IP solutions and Managed Security Services for F5 Network’s Silverline
  • Proven achievement in helping clients successfully migrate their apps and app services to the cloud, including achievement of the AWS Migration Competency status for helping clients develop new capabilities and optimize their AWS cloud experience
  • Recognized for achieving the AWS 200 Technical Certification distinction, with more than 100 technologists certified in the design, deployment and operation of applications and infrastructure on AWS
  • Member of the AWS Workload Migration Program
  • One of the top technology integrators in North America with a national team of experts

Why F5

  • Global leader in application delivery services
  • Evolving technologies that keep pace with today’s threats
  • Hardware, software and virtual solutions for cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments
  • Application solutions that span security, traffic management, cloud, and automation and orchestration
  • F5 technology compliments AWS’ cloud architecture by offering deep security and advanced traffic management solutions
  • Robust, global client list across industries and public sector organizations, including many of the world’s top brands and largest businesses

The Benefits of the Sirius + F5 Partnership

With a national team of experts, Sirius helps you leverage F5 solutions to ensure your applications are secure and perform as intended everywhere, in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Understand your application vulnerabilities, so you can protect them and lower your risk
  • Optimize your traffic management for fast, available applications
  • Provide consistent, secure application services in any multi-cloud environment

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