Back-to-Work Solutions: Thermal Imaging 


As organizations begin re-opening, customer and employee safety is more important than ever. When implemented as part of a safe workplace initiative, IoT Smart Space technology like thermal imaging can play a major part in protecting the health and well-being of anyone entering a shared physical space.


Though elevated temperatures in humans are a common expression of many viral infections, manually checking the temperature of every person entering a building is labor-intensive and can create dangerous bottlenecks at building entrances and exits. Thermal imaging solutions can solve this problem by autonomously screening individuals in high-traffic areas quickly and efficiently.


These solutions— flexible enough to be deployed to one or hundreds of locations—scan passersby, converting infrared radiation in people into a video image. When an elevated body temperature above a preset threshold is detected, an alert is pushed to the appropriate parties, showing a real-time view of the location of detection.


Sirius is now offering several thermal imaging solutions powered by Intel technology from trusted industry leaders like HPE, Dell Technologies and Hitachi, in addition to solutions from HP, Inc. and Whiteboard Coordinator.

Flexible Installation

Thermal imaging solutions can be easily mounted to a wall or cart in the entrance of a building.

Quick, Accurate Readings

Using infrared radiation, these solutions can efficiently detect elevated body temperatures of multiple individuals simultaneously.

Immediate Detection

Automated elevated temperature alerts can be pushed to a targeted set of users when an elevated body temperature is detected.

Back-to-Work Solutions in Action



With workforces everywhere preparing to open, safe workplace initiatives are more important than ever. This is how Sirius is using thermal imaging technology solutions, in addition to other safety measures, to bring employees back to work safely

Learn more about thermal imaging solutions and how they are helping organizations bring employees and customers back into shared physical spaces.

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