The path to zero-trust security isn’t always a straight line. And each organization approaches the journey differently. But no matter how you get there, zero trust is about risk-based security that ensures that the right users and the right devices are accessing the right data, every time.


Making the move toward zero trust is vital to future-proofing your security. Every network, connection and access point should be considered untrustworthy until properly verified. This means workstations, servers, users and devices accessing your critical assets need to be part of your zero-trust implementation.



Don't travel solo.

The good news is, you don’t need to go it alone. No matter where you are on the zero-trust maturity curve, Sirius has security experts who can help.


When you work with Sirius, our security experts will:

• Consult with you to understand your current state and desired business outcomes

• Provide vendor-neutral guidance and cost-effective recommendations

• Help you map and implement solutions and processes aligned with your strategy

• Offer managed services when appropriate to help you maintain, manage and update your security stack to overcome skills and resource gaps


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5 steps to a zero-trust enterprise:

1. Establish trust in user identities

2. Gain visibility into devices and activity

3. Ensure device trustworthiness

4. Enforce adaptive and risk-based policies

5. Enable secure access to all apps


Duo helps get you there with:

• Modern two-factor authentication that works with smart phones, smart watches and U2F tokens

• Single sign-on with easy integration with other services for a consistent user log-in experience

• Easy user provisioning and integration into the Cisco stack

• Adaptive access that uses conditional risk to limit access by risky endpoints and users based on roles and responsibilities

• Advanced administrative management and user self-enrollment

• Device risks easily viewed on the at-a-glance dashboard

• On-premise and cloud application protection


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Ready to go?

There are two easy ways to take advantage of the Sirius Zero-Trust On-Ramp and Accelerator special offer, but don’t wait. This is a limited-time offer!


1. Register for a complimentary Sirius White Glove Trial for Duo and receive a guided, 30-day trial experience led by a Sirius architect and project manager. If you’ve moved beyond MFA, we also offer White Glove Trials for Cisco Umbrella and Stealthwatch Cloud. 

2. Contact us to schedule a meeting with a Sirius zero-trust solution architect about your zero-trust journey and how Sirius can help you optimize your strategy and implementation


Take zero trust to the next level, no matter where you are in the journey

Whether you are just getting started or are ready for the next level of zero trust, Sirius has the expertise and experience to help you optimize and implement your strategy.




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