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Sirius Healthcare and Semperis
Stop Ransomers in Their Tracks

“We thought we had a thoughtful network implementation,” says the CTO of a large orthopedic, physical therapy, and sports medicine practice. After suffering a ransomware attack, the organization tapped Sirius Healthcare for help. With the help of their partner Semperis, Sirius not only helped the client get back on their feet, but made sure the practice would be protected and prepared if an incident ever occurred again in the future. Read the case study to find out how Sirius helped the client remediate their security weaknesses and bolster their incident response strategy.


Coming Through a Ransomware Event

In this webinar, Sky Lakes Medical Center provides a valuable,
transparent perspective into the reality of cybersecurity risks
by sharing the story of their October 2020 breach. 
Listen to the recording, featuring:

  • Matt Sickles, Security Solution Architect at Sirius Healthcare
  • John Gaede, Dir of Information Systems at Sky Lakes Medical Center
  • Lee Milligan, Senior VP & Chief Information Officer at Asante
  • Alfonso Powers, Chief Information Security Officer at Asante

In this six-part series, Matt Sickles, Security Solution Architect at Sirius Healthcare, joins Bill Russell of This Week in Health IT to discuss what you need to know to ensure your health system is prepared for and protected against threats, breaches, and attacks.

  • Data Isolation & Protection

    Knowing the absolute of what data is processed, transmitted, or stored is the highest priority of any critical clinical environment. Listen in as we discuss approaches to the critical safety of patient information.

  • Distributed Threat & Vulnerability Management

    Managing risk is crucial to information security lifecycle management. In this talk, we discuss the importance of an "always-on" threat detection and remediation model.

  • Near Real-Time Application Security

    While moving to an agile-based methodology for core development processes, we must provide a consistent and effective model to protect not only the production of application development, but the process.

  • Consistent Security Model for Cloud, Hybrid, and Local Datacenters

    Bill and Matt discuss why defining consistent control planes is essential to the resiliency and scalability of the current and future-state elements in all aspects of a cloud protection model.

  • Modern Access Models for Access Management & Directory Services

    While admission criteria for backup, compute, network, and storage all rely on a consistent authentication model, the role-based access criteria are more important as directory authentication is scaled and shared. Consistency is key to access management.

  • Evolution of Ransomware Protections

    Matt explains why using a defensive-stance improves the present-state security posture while allowing for the evolution of consistent and distributed awareness and control models.

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