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At Sirius, we've worked with many clients on cost-cutting measures and have identified 17 cost-savings initiatives that can offer organizations significant cost reductions.


On this free cost savings discovery call, you'll speak with one of our experts. They will walk you through these 17 initiatives to help you determine which one(s) will benefit your organization.


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Here's how we're helping clients:

National Retail Chain

After reviewing Sirius' Cost Savings initiatives, a national eyewear chain took advantage of Capital Outlay Reduction, Cash Preservation, Software License Optimization and Operational Cost Reduction to save $75,000 on a necessary upgrade and defer payments until 2021.

Call Center

A call center client had a non-optional renewal due this year. Working with Sirius, they were able to pinpoint $300,000 in unnecessary spend and renew with a 0% payment structure in three annual payments.

Financial Services Company

Upon review of a financial services company's connectivity costs, Sirius helped the client reduce their run rate. While typically connectivity cost savings are 10% to 30%, this client saw a reduction of 81% savings with improved service quality and support.

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