Accelerate Your Business With Our Agile Software Factory

Wish your team could stop chasing defects and focus on delivering higher quality products? Unfortunately, many companies are not built to do so, relying on monolithic systems, legacy waterfall processes, and a reliance on far too much manual work.


This results in slower delivery, lower client and employee satisfaction, higher defects and security vulnerabilities. A culture driven by Lean/Agile principles and enabled by state-of-the art architecture, technology and automation can change this.


We call this an Agile Software Factory, and it is composed of:

  • Lean/agile culture, organizational design and funding, and flow of work

  • Loosely coupled containerized architecture and infrastructure

  • Extensive CI/CD, quality, security and operations automation


To help you build your own Agile Software Factory, we offer three key services:

DevOps Assessment

Reviews 15 dimensions of DevOps, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and builds a prioritized roadmap for improvement based on industry patterns for success

Application Modernization

Identifies applications or environments ripe for modernization, followed by a plan and assistance with migration and containerization to help meet your goals


CI/CD Framework

Accelerate delivery and reduce cycle times with integration of 16 open-source technologies to securely implement and monitor application development and change management 

Supercharge Your Business

Want help optimizing how your organization delivers software, systems and infrastructure changes? We offer expert resources for the entire DevOps life cycle and can help guide you through the process of creating your own Agile Software Factory. Complete the form and one of our experts will reach out to you.