Unleash the Power of AWS
Deliver a Competitive Advantage

Sirius Managed Cloud Powered by AMS is a collaborative solution that securely optimizes
your environment and augments your IT organization. This unique offering provides an advanced capability
for implementing cloud transitions, accelerating migrations, reducing capital and operational costs,
improving security and compliance, and reducing risk – all with unprecedented speed and reliability.

Improving Security & Reliability in the Public Cloud

Focus your resources on things that bring immediate value to the business while creating a more robust, more secure, more efficient, and less disrupted operating environment in the cloud. Learn how we can support your journey to the cloud from start to finish.

Achieving Secure & Simplified Success in the Cloud

Tune in to this podcast to hear industry experts explain how a managed cloud service provider can help your organization secure the strategic benefits of AWS while allowing your team to focus on delivering business value.

Securely Optimize Your Environment & Augment Your IT Organization

Would you like to learn how you can free up staff, improve security and compliance, reduce risk, and lower operational costs, and consolidate your cybersecurity efforts? You can with Sirius Cloud Managed Services Powered by AWS Managed Services and Check Point. Click the button below to learn about this unique solution in less than two minutes.

Helping Organizations Achieve Secure, Simplified Cloud Success

Combine the extensive cloud, managed services, and professional services capabilities of Sirius with the proven
cloud management and operational excellence of AWS, you get a competitive advantage
that amplifies the quality and delivery of Sirius end-to-end solutions.

Cost Optimization

Enable your business to focus its resources on things that bring immediate value to the business.

By implementing best practices to maintain your infrastructure, Sirius helps you reduce your operational overhead and risk.

Improved Security & Compliance

Create a more robust and secure environment that combats today’s most advanced security challenges.

Sirius delivers proactive management and remote monitoring of Check Point security gateways

Operational Flexibility

Enable your IT team to put aside their concerns about their ability to scale to the cloud, conformance with governance and compliance requirements, and more.

With Sirius Cloud Transitional Services, you can add AWS skills at virtually any point within a project for enhanced flexibility and adaptability.

No Long-Term Contracts

Leverage the cloud as a metered, elastic experience while receiving the highest quality service level commitments in the market.

Sirius Cloud Managed Services powered by AMS can help you achieve this.

Minimized Risk, Maximized Results

Learn how Sirius Managed Cloud on AWS Managed Services can help you leverage the power of cloud to minimize risk and

maximize results in our latest infographic that outlines challenges businesses face and solutions we can provide.

Mitigate Talent Drain

Learn how to mitigate talent-drain and free your IT staff with a cloud managed services provider (MSP) in our latest thought

leadership article. We’ll share the benefits of public cloud adoption, its vulnerabilities and risk mitigation, what to look for in an MSP and more.

Consolidate Your Cybersecurity Efforts

As a next-generation Managed Service Provider, we understand the mounting security demands that challenge
today’s organizations. Sirius Managed Services offers 24x7 managed security services designed to
reduce staff burden and elevate overall security.

An Integrated Approach to Cybersecurity

Ensure compliance and security best practices, continuous monitoring and alerting, and detection of potential security threats.

Actively Protect Against Vulnerability and Attacks

Armed to protect you from cyberattacks, with an industry-leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and other targeted attacks to prove it.

End-to-End Security for the Enterprise

Multilevel security architecture with advanced threat prevention that defends all networks, cloud and mobile operations against all known attacks.


Sirius Cloud Transitional Services is an integral component of Sirius managed cloud offerings,
and is designed to deliver right-sized support no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

Add skills at any stage of the cloud journey for enhanced flexibility and adaptability.

Improve speed, reliability, flexibility, security, governance and economy through automation.

Utilize metered services that guarantee your business a “right sized” support model.

Commodity Mobility

Gain the ability to move commodity functions out quickly with Sirius Cloud Transitional Services.


Utilize the employment of elastic that automatically scale and constrict to fit the requirements of any environment.


Reap the ability to move commodity functions out quickly.

Launch Sirius Resources

We’ve compiled a collection of resources to help
your business during every phase of the cloud journey.

Sirius’ Powerful Role in Moving Clients to AWS

Sirius can build, design, and secure your AWS environment, move infrastructure to code, and manage it all. Watch Video

Sirius Cloud Managed Services Powered by AWS Managed Services

Steve Dowling, VP of Cloud for Sirius, explains the benefits and value of this unique solution. Watch Video

Sirius Cloud Managed Services Powered by AMS

Deploy workloads into a managed AWS or hybrid environment and let IT resources focus on business objectives. Learn How

Sirius Cloud Transitional Services

Explore how we help clients manage the time, resources, and layers of complexity required to design, implement and migrate workloads to the cloud. Learn More

Sirius Managed Security Services for Check Point Overview

Confidently implement solutions in your data center or in the public cloud. Learn More

Sirius & Check Point Partner Overview

Sirius is uniquely positioned to help you leverage Check Point solutions to consolidate your cybersecurity efforts. Learn More

Sirius AWS Solutions Highlights

Sirius AWS Solutions help move your infrastructure to the cloud
for greater agility, security, and cost management.

Gain Access to the Right Skills & Relationships

Clients choose Sirius because we deliver precisely the right skills, technical expertise and client executive relationships they need, when they need them.

Accelerate & Enhance Your Business

Sirius and AMS have collaborated to provide a competitive advantage that further propels the quality and delivery of our end-to-end IT solutions,

Drive Business Value

Sirius Cloud Managed Services Powered by AMS helps you deploy, deliver, and manage applications in AWS, freeing up your staff to focus on activities that drive business value.

Solve Complex Business Requirements

Sirius leverages AMS’ core infrastructure operation and extends to the application layer. Using a variety of mechanisms and patterns, Sirius is able to solve some of the most complex business requirements for clients.


Earned Techinical Certifications


DevOps Engineers


Data & Analytics Engineers


Certified AWS Engineers

Launch Check Point Solutions


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